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Release Date:
Rating: 5.5
Directed by
Mark Mylod
Written by
Will Tracy, Seth Reiss
Based on
Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Hong Chau, Janet McTeer, Paul Adelstein, John Leguizamo, Aimee Carrero, Reed Birney, Judith Light, Rebecca Koon, Rob Yang, Arturo Castro, Mark St. Cyr
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Alienworx Productions, Alienworx Productions, Hyperobject Industries
English, Fran├žais, Polski, Deutsch

The Menu could be this year's Parasite, it is a film directed by Mark Mylod. Succession, Game of Thrones and Shameless that takes us to the world of luxury restaurants. Those where you have to wait for months to get a reservation and where the prices are astronomical. But where the story is not just about having a unique dining experience.

How to watch The Menu (2022) Full Movie guests at Hawthorn in theaters of 'The Menu'.

The Menu movie is a dark, tense thriller that has elements of comedy and horror and where we. Meet a couple who bump across a variety of characters who have, just like them, gotten the chance to sit at one of. The most mysterious and exclusive eateries in the world which is located on an island that is isolated. from civilization, and is supposed so that diners can escape. The world, and instead focus on the food they're going serve.

However, the chef of the restaurant is planning an unexpected treat for his guests. The surprise adds a twist to the evening that leads guests to experience a terrifying horrifying, terrifying, and extremely violent experience.

The Menu recalls films such as Bloody Wedding. However, it has elements that cause people to recall Yorgos Lanthimos films like The Favorite or The Lobster. The brutality of what happens is contrasted with amazing photography. Beautiful landscapes and a variety of foods that will definitely attract the attention of every foodie.

The idea, in my opinion is to challenge the absurdity of this world that we live in. It also demonstrates the way beauty and violence are present every day, through a the story that is captivating right from the beginning. From the moment we first saw the trailer. It doesn't stop changing. It is also an tribute to the process of searching. People from all walks of life go to find the most prestigious in class. Restaurants around the world, and the things they are willing to give up to dine at.

Watch The Menu :online which arrives this Thursday, November 17

There isn't likely to be a chef anywhere in the world as good as Fiennes his character. The Menu was influenced by a variety of real-life restaurant and eating experiences. It even got the assistance by the Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn who helped create certain menu items. The dishes are listed in the menu, to make them look as if they are in top restaurants around the world.

Mark Mylod revealed in an interview that the concept for the film was born. from a meal Will Tracy, one of the film's writers, experienced during his honeymoon at the restaurant in Norway. That led him to make an extended journey for an exclusive restaurant, where he could take more than five hours tasting dishes.

The story didn't necessarily end exactly the same way, however the events that occurred there caused him to reflect on the horror story.

The chef at the restaurant is a man who is full of secrets. The chef has chosen a remote island to make the kind of impression he was looking for. That transcends food to become an adventure in which each participant must put their abilities against the clock. Survival instincts, and perhaps the moral boundaries.

The Menu is once again producers Adam McKay and Betsy Koch The Menu online box office

The film is scheduled to hit theatres on the 18th of November. It has already received an average rating of 91% at Rotten Tomatoes It has earned two nominations. Hopefully, it will be more confident.

The filmmaker Mark Mylod was behind television projects like Succession along with Game of Thrones and now directs. The film maintains suspense till the final scene. As part of the premiere film, the film's Lu Agosta spoke with him about Ralph Fiennes' unique handclaps, his food scenes and more.

In the menu, you will find the couple of Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult protagonist. Choose to visit an unbeatable dining experience and sample a special menu. But, head chef Ralph Fiennes has decided to introduce a brand new ingredient into the menu. This innovative change that nobody knows about will alter the life of the diners in fascinating ways.

Ratings and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

The script combines a variety of elements. It's difficult to classify it as one genre. Why did you decide to create this project?.

It's an enjoyable journey and it's also an amazing mix of various shades. Comedy, satire, Thriller and terror are mixed , and the ability to pull it off with this fantastic ensemble. I was scared, and it also it seemed like a great task.

One thing that caught my eye was the applause. It is a crucial element in establishing tension. What was the process that led you to develop this idea to break up the scenes? And how did you collaborate with Ralph in this regard?.

The concept was to allow the applause sound to be used as a weapon, attempting to gain control over the environment. We experimented with the sound frequently in post-production to reach the exact message we wanted to communicate. When we first met Ralph we wanted to convey the impression of an artist overwhelmed by the pain of his life and poor decisions during the course of his life, as well as self-esteem and his relationship with money. All of these factors led him to the darkness of his life. The most difficult part is that he can accomplish all this, but in the same breath, his personality is funny which is why I decided to collaborate with him.

Every character has their own reactions to food and the reason that they exist. What character do you connect to the greatest?.

A lavish tasting menu is ready 'The Menu' Streaming group of guests at Hawthorn Restaurant

With Margot Anya Taylor-Joy. As she is, I'm not a huge fan of food that is gourmet, therefore when she comes to her home, she's overwhelmed by all the things. This was what I felt like when I began working for this movie.

Exact. Since I'm totally in the dark If you aren't sure about something, it is best to get an expert. Our guest was Dominique Crenn who is the only woman in the United States to have three Michelin stars. She worked with her team to create the menu and was responsible for each item to ensure everything was right. Then , we invited David Gelb, the creator of The Chefs Table series, and he also took stunning pictures of the food to provide this additional food. The collaboration of these people allowed us to elevate our film to a new level.

A couple visit the coast of an island for an exclusive. Restaurant in which the chef has created exquisite food with unexpected delights.

Perhaps there's no film whose advertising has been more misleading than El Menu. Over the course of months, a spooky aura was created about it and the previews were provided suggested that. The film was described as an "elevated horror" film, or at least in the A24 style. It is now in cinemas across Mexico and across the globe. We can say that it's not the same as that, since El Menu has much more to provide.

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In actuality, The Menu takes elements from this kind of film. There are numerous the resemblance to films such as Midsommar However, don't make any mistake. These references don't necessarily originate from a position of admiration. There is nothing more a tribute than mockery. It is the case that there isn't a better genre than. The heightened horror genre to discuss the way that the elites approach the arts and cinema in general today and how they speak about it.

But the director Mark Mylod and his writers. Will Tracy and Seth Reiss are not reducing The Menu to a satire by using such explicit elements. Instead, to convey their ideas , they select an art form that is completely different from cinema, food and gastronomy. Although the equipment, the space are different, the concepts. What Mylod isn't showing is an artist looking to vent his anger against. People who caused the issue by not comprehending his motives for art. From critics who think only about their own status to those that claim they are experts as the artists themselves.

To demonstrate the depth of this anger. Mylod makes us observe bizarre situations that increase in intensity. The more the film develops and the more we understand about the motivations behind The actions taken by Chef Slowik. The more antagonistic is the more we are no longer feeling sorry. For its victims, we sympathize with its goals. Isn't it disappointing that art can only be only enjoyed by a select few?. The reason for this is that it is commercial and is a issue of status?. and that artists must be compelled to perform their work to satisfy demands and not because of the passion for the work they do?.

It's interesting to note that this is exactly what happened to high-horror. The genre went from having amazing copies to having tons duplicates of the exact thing repeated and over. Because that's what they were most likely to like at festivals. However, it's an issue that affects an enormous portion in the industry. This is controlled by the basic expectations and views of the elite and don't have the capacity to comprehend what they are consumed with.

Mylod is not content to expressing his hatred for people of this kind. Even to his own enemy who isn't quite as pure as he claims to be. And also some respect towards the less fortunate. But, this doesn't hinder him from viewing his characters as people and lets them be themselves.

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The work by Nicholas Hault stands out as an actor who is becoming disgusting and inhumane. The other character is Anya Taylor-Joy who gives a simple and natural performancethat is exactly what her character requires. The main focus here is Ralph Fiennes. his character is menacing and cold. But from time to time with his sluggish expressions, we get to glimpse the humanity that is hidden within this squishy Chef.

The Menu is a thrilling but sometimes disturbing movie and it may be a bit of both. However, beneath its beautiful and appealing presentation lies food that makes us think about how people consume artwork. Food for its own sake isn't the same as enjoying, tasting, sensation. In this regard, we need more films, like The Menu, which do not put the intellectual over the passion for art.

Cooking is often regarded as an essential activity, a an essential part of our lives that we must do in order to stay alive. However, it's also an art, a method to express yourself by transmitting emotions. Ego as seen in Ratatouille is experiencing it in real time while eating a meal that transports back his youth, to the simpler and more charming time. But none of that is important to "The Menu" since the search for Julian Slowik Ralph, among the world's most famous and influential chefs worldwide is a different.

Everyone is waiting Watch The Menu in theaters, you haven't actually seen it.

The debut film from Mark Mylod, responsible for many of the most memorable moments of Succession. This is a black comedy that is funny at high food, at the wealthy. The lavish, those who think they are better because of their social standing.

The night was carefully planned for everyone who wanted to dine; with only a few tables. Every person who chooses to enjoy this night at some of the best. Restaurants around the globe is not content that they are there. They believe that they are entitled to be there since their position permits it

This group of quite offensive people would appear to be homogenous. If not due to the presence of Margo Anya Taylor-Joy. A young lady who is a great friend with Tyler Nicholas Hoult, a food lover and Slowik's most fervent fan. The fate of her was only decided because of a reservation Tyler had made. the reservation months ahead and the initial guest was a different person. by cancelling. The seat was transferred to her, however she didn't know what she was signing.

However, behind this wonderful meal there's more, as it are with Margo. It seems that Margo is the only one who can withstand the pretentiousness and pomp which is displayed with each of the meals. The restaurant is located on an island. Access to it is only accessible by boat . All the staff are on site due to Elsa the host, who is intimidating.

They are told that the chef is looking for perfection, therefore they must meet the same standard. Being a part of this restaurant means giving away every bit of uniqueness for something. More than they are The experience is like nothing they've experienced before. However, the menu that evening is unlike any other because it was created by the participation of all of the guests and their respective errors.

The Menu a glimpse of Slowik's true motivation re-release The Menu stream in theaters

The thriller-tinted black comedy is a blend of both. Genres are a result and is a highly entertaining film that is entertaining every minute. In the midst of the comedy and the unexpected twists there's a stark observation on the current society. The habits of consumers, the need to be a part of certain sectors and the stark divide that exists between those who want and those who provide.

The main plot revolves around Margo an intricate character. Apart from being beautifully written, it is performed by an amazing Anya Taylor-Joy. The screen is hers in every scene. She doesn't belong in this environment, the food items aren't surprising her, and she's at a loss over the way they're presented in every single one of them. And the chef who says cannot stop staring at her, it's clear that she's the only wrong note in the whole evening.

The menu is based on real-life restaurant menus.

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How to Watch The Menu, online the company behind Netflix's

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